torsdag 27 september 2018

Christofer Döss Sex Exhib fan comments [2 / 30]

Fan comments [2 / 30]

Like I said earlier, I have thousands of fans all over the world, who loves my pix and vidz. From them I have gotten very positive comments every day for the past 7-8 years.

On my latest shut downed blog I had 20 pages/blog posts filled with comments that I had received just like these below.

Here are a more lovely, all new, comments:

Your latest pics show a new smile.
I can't explain it, but a smile that is more "I'm content and happy.  I love being nude and any worries I used to have are gone".  Before you smiled but more a smile that said, "I'm happy and I'll be happier if I make it back home without being seen".
So, I get hard looking at you naked, outside, exposed and cumming.

Oh vad jag vill känna ditt fantastiska sprut i min mun!!!

Awesome!!! You are one of my favorite guys to watch cum. You shoot so much!!!

I'd look to see you play with your ass. You're so freaking handsome you be fun no matter what position you're in!

Du får gärna fylla min mun med din sperma!

Christofer keep posting on the  private group keep the posts you make cumming

Horny today I see. You sexy Man

You are so beautiful!

Mmm vill suga din kuk tills jag får känna dej spruta rakt in i min mun !

Love your nakedness. And especially that talent of far shooting cum

So hot daamn i need u now in my bed plz

Yes baby shoot it in my mouth on my face all over my teddies baby you have a sexy Dick makes me so hard I want to swallow your sperm baby

Ure so fuckin hot baby omggg

Your constant exposure is so hot Christofer!
I would love to have you here enjoying my cock in public and taking lots of pics.

Wow ! TACK ! Känns som tidig julafton!!!

I've download ur dropbox link.
I masturbate watching urs.
Next time i'll be in sverige i want to meet you and watch u. And film u.

Måste bara säga att din film "398" är SÅÅÅÅÅ sexig ! Och vilket sprut sen ! Ser dem om och om och om...

Dude, I seriously have a bit of a tumblr crush on you!

I want your dick in my aas  baby

Mmmm vill suga tills jag får känna dej spruta rakt in i min mun!

Very hot baby mmmmm mega super cum shooter

I love it mmmm mycket sperma

Your so handsome

Very hot mmmm i love it! I love it so much omg!

Mmmmm lets make love baby mmm!

You're so hot

Jag vill dela tvättstuga med dej, så jag kan få se din fina hårda kuk på riktigt och kanske smaka på den!

I want your Load

Meet @nakencrillebot. He's a sexy exhibitionist who posts some hot photos in public places. Go check him out!

Wow he is hot. Love his photo

Damn you are sexy, I want you so bad

Beautiful cock btw

Your sexy as fuck love to fuck

beautiful PENIS

Very nice opening Your legs wide... Hot Body!!!

Can you blame Chris for showing off that beautiful cock.  Fully exposing himself, so everyone can enjoy his nudity.

Omg my baby youre so hot! Ure makin me wet

Such a view very beautiful view outdoors 

Mmm would love to feel ur hot sperm inside my ass omg mmmm plz

Sooo hot as always

I want to be ur neighbour

Oh vad jag vill känna ditt fantastiska sprut i min mun !!! :)

Naughty boy 

Beautiful in every single way

You look so sweet, Chris!

Mmm your dick's so sexy... Very like... Honestly, me like suck n drink yr sperma... mmm

Daamn i wanna suck all ur sperm there baby so yummy mmmmmm I wanna taste it so badly

I want your cum all in my mouth

I’ve known (and admired, and jerked off to) you and your pictures for a long time! It’s the least I could do. Keep up exposing yourself!!

Would love to lick as such your gorgeous cock

I'll take ur nude outdoor pix if u like and suck u off till u r sore

Hej! Jag heter Peter. Jag har runkat och sprutit flera gånger igår medan jag såg dina filmer och bilder. Superheta, sexiga inspelningar! Du är klippan! Jag känner mig kåt på dig även nu.

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