lördag 29 september 2018

Christofer Döss exhib blog comment...

Below is a comment I made on a blog post titled 'Are you an exhibitionist?'.

"Couldn't agree more with David Haazen!

Sexual exhibitionism is the spice that flavours the curry dish and nothing else - at least for me.

I am a proud sexual exhibitionist and I love walking around naked in more or less public places, indoors and outdoors, taking nude photos of myself and sharing them with those who wanna watch me on PM and sharing it publicly online.

I'm definitely not one of those who wanna shock the unexpected viewer and get turned on by that. Matter of fact I don't wanna meet anyone at all when I'm on my nude walks, and take precautions therefor.

I love when I get nice and awesome comments about my pix and vidz from my thousands of fans all over the world - and I get them all the time!

A few examples:
'Hey Christofer. I love your full frontal nudes!
You making my day so sexy and hot mmmmm
Dear Christofer, I find your sexual side to be very interesting
Yummm nice
Du är en snygg man Chris
I love all ur pix
Mmmmm very sexy hot baby want u so bad
Nice picture
Wow sååå läckert
So Fuckin Sexy
Nice ass mmmm
Love them wish I was closer
Nice Christofer thanks
Åhhh Nice! Läckert
I LOVE seeing you naked Mmmm! :)
I will have wet dreams about your sexy naked body, I'm sure!
Hey chris thank you so much for the show, i really love it.
THANKS, Christofer! Seeing you naked turns me on!!
Vad nice! Snygg rumpa har du också!
Hello handsome how are you doing?
Happy Birthday Stud! Lets see yah in your Birthday suit, ;)
Great pics you posted, woof dude
Hoooooot baby!
Sjukt fräsch!!
Hope ur enjoying your Birthday Sexy
Very adventurous!
I want u sooooo much
Naughty and naked Chris
Ure very hot!
You're so cute
I wanna see you so bad!
Hej... jäklar så sexigt!'

I end this with a very much appropriate quote, from a health website:
'Exhibitionism is not just about the thrill of getting caught, it’s about being seen, admired, loved and appreciated.'
~ health.am

Best regards!
/Christofer Döss Sexual Exhibitionist, Sweden"

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