lördag 6 oktober 2018

Christofer Döss exhibitionist Quora answer

I just answered a question, from my public Christofer Döss Sexhib account on Quora:

What is an exhibitionist?

"An exhibitionist can be just like me.

I am a free spirit, an artist soul expressing my emotions and true inner human being with my naked body. I’m also a sexual exhibitionist and a bisexual life enjoying nude model loving to be sexually exposed publicly online. ❤❤❤

Publishing sexy nude pix and hot cum vidz of myself and telling the world who I really am on public websites is not just a turn-on for me it also has become a way of life for the last decade — a beautiful, wonderful and really really REALLY awesome life.

The best thing is that my thousands of world wide fans loves it as much as I do, and they let me know that, like hundreds of times a day — and the amount of fans grows from day to day.

What can I say more than I really enjoy this life — or as I use to tag: #LoveThisLife.

/Christofer Döss Sex Exhib aka nakencrille"

I also added this shot from yesterday with a link to this my blog.

My Christofer Döss pix 75,000 views


My Christofer Döss Sex Exhib album pix exposed by @GuysAreExposed (Twitter), with awesomly over 75,000 views on #Flickr (the album itself, only 126 though)!
Sooo loooooving it! 😍😍😍


Those pix now also awesomly publicly exposed on Facebook:

Me Christofer Döss nude walks

Never gotten caught. 

In that sense, but I have had lots of people watching me and seeing me and meeting me nude and camera posing on my many nude walks. Every time they have said like Hello and kept on walking, like meeting a naked man outdoors was the most natural thing to do.

Once a man came by on his bicycle on the road, while I was taking nude selfies in a park (pic). He turned around twice just to see more of me... Hot indeed! 💦💦💦

Also had neighbours watching me naked in the public stairway and on my balcony (watching me play with myself).