lördag 6 oktober 2018

Christofer Döss exhibitionist Quora answer

I just answered a question, from my public Christofer Döss Sexhib account on Quora:

What is an exhibitionist?

"An exhibitionist can be just like me.

I am a free spirit, an artist soul expressing my emotions and true inner human being with my naked body. I’m also a sexual exhibitionist and a bisexual life enjoying nude model loving to be sexually exposed publicly online. ❤❤❤

Publishing sexy nude pix and hot cum vidz of myself and telling the world who I really am on public websites is not just a turn-on for me it also has become a way of life for the last decade — a beautiful, wonderful and really really REALLY awesome life.

The best thing is that my thousands of world wide fans loves it as much as I do, and they let me know that, like hundreds of times a day — and the amount of fans grows from day to day.

What can I say more than I really enjoy this life — or as I use to tag: #LoveThisLife.

/Christofer Döss Sex Exhib aka nakencrille"

I also added this shot from yesterday with a link to this my blog.

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