Christofer Döss Sex Exhib fan comments III

As I've said in earlier posts (see below), on my latest closed down blogspot blog I had some 20+ blog post pages with loads of positive comments on. The pic here is of course me and was sent to me from one of my fans, covered in kiss marks...

I now have more than 70 NEW note pages on my phone, with hundreds of positive comments - on each note page!

Here are a few more recent examples of those noted awesome fan comments, that I get all the time from all over the world (including my Swedish fans, in Swedish):

Your Facebook is awesome. I'm jealous. I wish I could be a nudist but I'm afraid I'll get horny.

Hallå där! Vill bara säga att i mina ögon är du den absolut sexigaste personen jag sett är på qruiser. Jag måste erkänna att jag runkat mer än en gång till dina bilder och videos. Kram på dig

I want to be like you but I'm shy lmao

And I'm soooooo much grateful for all the pictures and videos which you've shared with me. By now I'm a big fan of you. 😀❤️

I'm jealous. I wish I was brave as you to send nudes haha

Hi good morning beautiful hot naked I want to live with you I want to be yours all yours

I envy how much fun you’re having.

I love your nudity, I don't want you to ever get dressed, I always want to see your body without clothes and I want you to give your cum accumulated on your cock

U have a great body and big cock and I know lots of girls like fuck u too

I want to do a nude walk with you!

Fan ja får kåtslag på dig synd du bor så långt i från vi skulle knulla i hjäl oss om vi träffades åhhh du verkar underbar att ha sex med

You are incredible I like your site

I wish I could see you walking around naked and meet up with you!

You're the one whom is more amazing unique incredible and wonderful out of all. And you deserve all the good words comments compliments and praise for your naturist lifestyle, for open minded modest and progressive nature

Wow, you are great my dear friend, I love your dick

Hi sexy! I would like to receive more private exhibitionist pictures of you. You make me horny!

Good morning my beautiful friend how u and that beautiful cock

Mmm if u we’re close to me I be sucking ur cock all the time

It would be my honest suggestion for you to collect your all naturist lifestyle related stuff like pictures, videos, events articles on one place. Put all them on a website. I think it would good for people like me who appreciate your great work and wonderful lifestyle. Many will get inspiration from you because you're truly an inspiration for others. You're living life fullest.

Looks great to me

I’d want ur cum all the time over me

I really like how you always walk nude and I really like the videos you sent me

Beautiful beautiful beautiful hot I love love you like that

It's nice to see your cock in full erection

Wowww I just love it. You're truly a gem in naturist community ❤️


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